Security is always at hand

A personal alarm on your mobile phone. Help is available at the touch of a key.

A personal alarm on your mobile phone

A personal alarm provides increased security in high-risk situations, threatening areas and when working alone. With the Crystal Alarm app on your mobile phone, help is available at the touch of a key. Security is in your pocket wherever you go.

Unique alarm functionality

Urgent situations can develop quickly. With Crystal Alarm you can call for help simply and directly. It’s the only app on the market that can issue an alarm by just pressing a single key on the mobile phone, and is available for iOS and Android. You do not need any equipment other than your smartphone; you know, the device that keeps you in touch with the rest of the world. And conveniently, it’s also the one you are already accustomed to keeping charged and close at hand.

Proven security

By utilising the smartphone’s global positioning system, Crystal Alarm always knows where you are when you issue the alarm. With secure operations, communication via SMS and web service, and a timed alarm, you can rest assured that help is on the way. The system is well proven and thousands of users depend on Crystal Alarm for their security every day.

Flexible alarm options

Crystal Alarm meets the industry’s requirements for occupations involving hazardous work and offers several possible alarm options. The alarm can be sent to colleagues in a selected group, to alarm centres within the organisation or directly to a national alarm centre, e.g. Securitas.

App functionality

Redundant communication via the internet and SMS
Timed alarm
Trigger an alarm via a physical button
Simple and user-friendly

Functions in alarm centre

Integration with existing business systems
Sends alarm to private alarm centre
Sends alarm to national alarm centre
Simple and user-friendly


Trusted by thousands of users every day
Secure operations
Alarm via a hardware button
Maximum user-friendliness
Easy handling via the mobile phone
A minimal cost for equipment