1. Background


Crystal Alarm is a service which means that you as an end user have a personal alarm in your mobile phone. The company behind Crystal Alarm is called Crystal Code AB (org. no. 556822-8034). Crystal Alarm and Crystal Code are collectively referred to below as Crystal Alarm.

In order for the Crystal Alarm service to work, your Employer/Employer (as defined below) needs to collect certain information about you via Crystal Alarm. This privacy policy is drawn up with the aim of informing you as an end user of Crystal Alarm's service about how Crystal Alarm works with personal data, privacy and security. Crystal Alarm, in its capacity as a personal data processor, will process personal data in accordance with current legislation.

This policy applies to information that the Crystal Alarm service collects directly through you as well as information that your Employer/Employer (as defined below) provides to Crystal Alarm but also to information that is generated in the service.


2. Collection of personal data


2.1 Information about you


Your employer, or the equivalent if you are a consultant, hired, elected official, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "Employer/Employer"), provides Crystal Alarm with personal data in order to activate the service. The personal data that Crystal Alarm gets access to is phone number, name, alarm group and whether you are an alarm recipient.

When you install the app yourself for the first time, Crystal Alarm receives information about your phone, which model and subscription you have.


2.2 Tracking


The service only tracks people who have themselves made an active choice to be tracked. No tracking of users happens automatically when you have Crystal Alarm running in the background. Your mobile therefore cannot be tracked unless you raise the alarm and Crystal Alarm's service cannot be used so that your Employer/Employer can see where you are, unless you raise the alarm or use the timed alarm.

As soon as a user starts an immediate alarm or a timed alarm, the tracking is started, however, the purpose is not to map where the user has been, but only to solve the current situation. The tracking then continues until the user stops the timer alarm or until the direct alarm is closed by the alarm center or colleagues.


2.3 Information in the event of an alarm


In case of an alarm, i.e. when you have pressed the "Crystal Button" function on the phone's screen or started a timed alarm, Crystal Alarm gets access to alarm data. The alarm contains information about who raised the alarm, date and time, alarm group, task, action plan for the user, last position and alarm status. Crystal Alarm also receives position data continuously when time alarms are activated or other positioning equipment is used. In the case of an active alarm, sound is also recorded, this also happens when a timed alarm has expired and turns into an active alarm.


2.4 Statistics from the web


When using the website, we collect statistics. Statistics can, for example, include which articles you have read on the website.


3. Responsibility for personal data processing


Your Employer/Employer, i.e. Crystal Alarm's customer is responsible for the personal data that the Employer/Employer has provided to us in accordance with 2.1 above, but also for personal data provided in the event of an alarm in accordance with 2.2 and 2.3.

The employer/contractor is the personal data controller for the processing of your personal data and Crystal Alarm as personal data assistant, i.e. Crystal Alarm processes this data according to the Employer/Principal's instructions and on behalf of the Employer/Principal. It is the responsibility of the personal data controller to have a legal basis for this processing. It is the personal data controller who alone directs and controls which processing of personal data may take place.


4. Why is personal data collected?


4.1 Information about you


The information about you is collected to verify that you are approved by your Employer/Employer to use the service, but also to see in an alarm situation who is calling the alarm and to whom or to whom the alarm should be sent.


4.2 Alarms


Information about alarms is needed to provide the correct information for the alarm operator, specified colleagues or other persons specified by your Employer/Tender to act on the action plan specified in the personal alarm. Information about alarms is also needed for follow-up and to check test alarms and to reduce the number of false alarms.

Information about position data may be needed while the alarm is active in order to act according to the specified action plan, but also afterwards for evidence in investigations and more.

Audio data is needed while the alarm is active to provide listening to alarm operators and others as specified by your Employer/Employer, but also afterwards for evidence in investigations and more.


4.3 System Log


The system log file in the system is used for troubleshooting and system maintenance.


4.4 Statistics from the web


To be able to make improvements and to be able to display relevant information.


5. Data Sharing and Transfer


Your Employer/Employer has decided how to act in the event of an alarm. Depending on the configuration, the alarm can be sent to an external alarm center, an internal alarm center or specified colleagues. You can also view certain information via the Employer's/Employer's self-service portal. Your Employer/Employer may also have specified another organization to receive the alarm.

In the alarm center you can view alarms up to three days old. In the service's administration system, it is never possible to obtain such information that individual users can be mapped. Crystal Alarm will also not, upon request, disclose such information either to your Employer/Employer or to another party unless it is required by law or by court order.


6. Thinning


Since you do not need the service and your Employer/Client has notified Crystal Alarm about this, Crystal Alarm will, based on your Employer/Client's request, either delete or return all personal data about you to your Employer/Client.


7. Security


The service only stores relevant information that is required to maintain the security and functionality of the service. Crystal Alarm is designed to protect personal privacy. There are functions built into the system that erase data with a lifetime that is adjusted both so that the service becomes useful and that personal integrity is protected.

Crystal Alarm personnel have access to information for troubleshooting and maintenance. To gain access to customer data, a two-factor authentication is required.

The system is protected by firewalls and Crystal Alarm uses monitoring to prevent unauthorized intrusion. Crystal Alarm also uses encrypted communication for sensitive information and processing. If a serious breach of Crystal Alarm's system is detected, all customers will be informed of the extent of the breach without delay.

For Crystal Alarm, it is important to ensure confidentiality, integrity, availability, resilience and access to the personal data.

Crystal Alarm has authorization routines to control its employees' and contractors' access to personal data. All employees and contractors at Crystal Alarm have signed confidentiality agreements regarding personal data contained in Crystal Alarm.

Crystal Alarm regularly analyses, tests, examines and evaluates the effectiveness of both the technical and organizational measures taken by Crystal Alarm to ensure the secure processing of personal data as a data controller.


8. Cookies


Cookies are collected to provide certain functionality on the website. Cookies are also used for the following purposes:

The provider of chat functionality that Crystal Alarm uses stores cookies so that you can continue chatting with us even when you click through to a new subpage.

Crystal Alarm uses google analytics to analyze how Crystal Alarm's website is used and if there is any place Crystal Alarm can make improvements.

The shop on Crystal Alarm's website uses cookies to keep track of which items are in the shopping cart and which parts of the purchase have been completed.

If you do not want to allow cookies to be saved on your computer, you can deny the storage in your browser's settings, however, all functions of the website will not work correctly if you make this setting.

By using the service, you agree to the use of Cookies.


9. Rights on device


On the user's mobile device, rights are requested to use certain functions that the mobile phone manufacturer classifies as sensitive. The user can deny certain rights, but then Crystal Alarm will not work as intended. The rights used by Crystal Alarm are listed below:


SMS_RECEIVE (Android) -> Receive SMS from the Crystal Alarm service to the Crystal Alarm app. Crystal Alarm only accepts special SMS messages from the service. Normal SMS are not sent to the Crystal Alarm application and the application cannot take part in these.


SMS_SEND (Android) -> Send SMS from the Crystal Alarm app to the Crystal Alarm service for positioning and alarm transmission. A few SMS are also sent a few SMS automatically to maintain reliable communication.


CALL_PHONE (Android) -> Automatically dial a call. This is done against the configured alarm center in connection with alarms.


MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS & ACCESS_NOTIFICATION_POLICY (Android) -> Used to be able to play an alarm signal when alerting a colleague even if the phone is set to silent mode or DnD mode.


ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION (Android) & Always allow location (iPhone) -> Used to be able to position the user in connection with an alarm.


Microphone (iPhone) -> Used to be able to transmit background sound to the alarm center in connection with an alarm.


Notifications (iPhone & Android) -> Used to be able to deliver alarms from colleagues, updated alarm status, battery check reminder.


10. Your rights


Your Employer/Principal has an obligation to inform you of what information the Employer/Principal has provided to Crystal Alarm.


11. Changes to this Privacy Policy


Any changes to this privacy policy will be published on Crystal Alarm's website https://www.crystalalarm.se/integritetspolicy/.




Last modified: 2020-04-15


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