Enterprise Large – New subscription for complex enterprises

Crystal Alarm – Enterprise Large Is a new subscription designed for large companies who require support for a hierarchical organisational structure.

The new subscription allows for sub administrators to manage and view their own users only.
Reports directed to sub administrators will include only their own users .

This new subscription also allows for a split invoicing so that each unit can be invoiced for its own usage.


Setting the bar for personal alarm administration together with Avarn Security AB


During the last 6 months we have been working closely with Avarn Security in order to set a new bar for personal alarm administration.
This has resulted in a brand new integration between Crystal Alarm and Avarn Security.
From now on an administrator can add a new alarm user, complete with all details including an individual action plan.
The alarm is then ready to be used as soon as the administrator taps the save button.
With a fully automated solution we are certain that errors will be minimized, and the ease of enabling a new alarm device will empower employees with an alarm when needed.
We have already migrated over 30 of our customers to the new integration and we have gotten very positive feedback from the users.


Launch of new version

Today we have launched a new version of the Crystal Alarm cloud service.

New functions include the possibility of having multiple configurations,

You can now activate profiles to:

  • Enable an external alarm central to receive the alarm from a selected part of the users, and letting the rest of the users be handled by a local dispatcher or even colleagues.
  • Enable the use of Safe Return for a selected group that are in need of it, but not let the rest of the workforce see the function.
  • Let each work-group have different dial-numbers, depending on their geographical location.

    To get more information about this service or to enable it on your existing account contact us.

    The self-service portal has also received a major refresh with new icons and a small re-arrange of the side menu.

Price adjustment

We have had the same price since 2012 and now it is time for an update.
We will update the Enterprise subscription user fee to 38 SEK per user and month and the SMS fee to 0.95 SEK per SMS.
The base fee will retain the same price as before.
The new price applies from the invoice on October the 1st.
If your organization has an agreement with a fixed price for a longer period, the price will be updated when this is allowed according to the agreement.
If your organization has an agreement with one of our resellers, it is the reseller who informs about any price adjustments.
Small Business also gets a new price of SEK 48 per user and month.

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