Crystal Alarm AB

We are now called Crystal Alarm AB, it became a natural development because the Crystal Alarm service has our entire focus. In connection with the name change, we also change e-mail addresses. Instead of we send email from The old email addresses will work for some time to come.

Member of Säkerhetsbranschen

On the annual Safety Day on the second of September, we were at our first event since the pandemic started. In connection with this, we are now proud members of trade association Säkerhetsbranschen, which shares our values.

New alarm central

It is now possible to connect alarms from Crystal Alarm to Stanley’s alarm center. Stanley became the fifth alarm center to support Crystal Alarm. Connecting new quality alarm centers is a job that has always been a high priority for us.

Worlds first…

personal alarm app with support for indoor positioning using WiFi infrastructure from Cisco. Indoor positioning is a prerequisite for being able to find which floor a person has alerted from and perhaps also which room. By using existing WiFi infrastructure, you do not need to install separate transmitters/beacons, you can easily activate indoor positioning in all your premises without additional hardware. A connection is made between Cisco DNA Spaces and Crystal Alarm and the activation is approved in the Crystal Alarm Self-Service Portal. After activation alarms will get an accurate indoor position and also specified which floor an alarm has been triggered from. We believe that an accurate position will help the rescue team arrive faster and in some cases this could be the difference between life and death.

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