A sneak peak of our new design in the Crystal Alarm app

A more modern and user-friendly design in the Crystal Alarm app will be launched at the beginning of 2024. Among other things, we are changing our current background image on the leaf to a clean start page.

In the new design, it will be possible to add “Group”, “Task”, “Man Down” and “Safe Return” directly to the home page to make these more easily accessible.

Down below you will find a few pictures of the new design:

The start page gets a cleaner look.

The settings page will be easier to understand.

The self-test page is updated with icons and functional tests.

For us, it has been important to create a design that is easy to understand and use, as our app is often used in critical situations.

We look forward to releasing the new design early next year and hope that users will perceive our app as more modern and user-friendly.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our new design!

Best Regards,

Crystal Alarm

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Finally possible to send an alarm with double SIM-cards.

Increase your security with double sim cards!

The forest industry and the train indusry are two of the industries where employees are often in places with inadequate coverage. Poor coverage is a risk factor for the employee as it cannot alarm if the accident occur, or a threatening situation arises.

We at Crystal Alarm are therefore very pleased that it is now possible to alarm with double sim cards, from various telephone operators, on Android phones. This helps to increase the coverage, which ensures the possibility of being able to alarm.

For this solution to work, you need to contact us at Crystal Alarm, since this is a setting that we need to activate manually.


Crystal Alarm mobile application gets a face lift during 2023.

We thought it was about time to give Crystal Alarm – personal alarm in your cellphone a new look.
We don´t want to give away to much about the new design just yet. But what we can tell you is that the new layout will have a more modern look, and an upgraded user experience. As of right now the Android and iPhone versions of the app have a few differences between them.
But with the new layout they will look more alike.
We will give you more updates about the new layout in the beginning of 2023.


Crystal Alarm – 10 000 users!

We have had our eyes set on the 10 000 user target for quite some time. And as a fantastic closure of this year, we finally hit this goal last week. Our next aim is 15 000 users and hopefully that won´t be to far into the future.

Here is a comment from Crystal Alarm´s CEO Jens Olsson about 10 000 users:
“What an amazing way to end the year!

It is almost 10 years ago that we added our first users to Crystal Alarm. In 2016 we won #Telekompriset at #Telekomgalan in the category “Service of the year”, a few years later, all other projects were finalized and we could put all our focus on Crystal Alarm - Personal alarm in the cell phone.
10 000 users is a milestone, but it is also just the begining.
There are plenty of new features and upgrades to look forward to in 2023.”


We have a new version of our Alarm Central Software!

Earlier this month we released a new version of our alarm central software, and all our current users who have not already updated to the new version can contact us for further assistance. The old version of the alarm central will be available until the first of March of 2023, this gives our current admin users a few months to get to know the new system and set up new routines for their alarm handlers to get to know all the new functions. Down below is a short video showing some of the new functions and how they work.

The basics of the layout is the same:
On the first page you can see active and handled alarms, just like before.
You get to the focus view of an alarm by clicking on it in the list of alarms.
Once inside the focus view of an alarm there are some major changes.

Practical news:

  • The Map is moved to the right side of the alarm information.
  • The design of the action plan is updated.
  • The buttons used to handle and close an alarm are more visible.
  • The alarm type and alarm classification have been given a more obvious color coding.
  • All the events in the alarm are visible in the logg. Eg. confirmed authorization code, start and stop of a timer, closing of an alarm.

More advantages with the new version:

  • Add quick-comments (Contact us for help).
  • Show the coordinates in another mapviewer.
  • Call the alarmer over IP-phone with the “call”-button.
  • See indoor positioning from Cisco/Mazemap in the main map view.

Kind regards,
Crystal Alarm


Its now possible to send an alarm with double SIM-cards on your Android phone.

As of the beginning of 2023 we will give you the possibility to send an alarm with double SIM-cards. This is a very positive update, especially for employees in places with bad coverage, eg. workers in the forest industry or onboard a train. For users with double SIM-cards from different telecom providers this will give an extended coverage, which expands the opportunity to send an alarm.
Do you have problems with bad coverage during your employees work shift? Please contact us for more information and to get help with accessing this new function.

New alarm central

It is now possible to connect alarms from Crystal Alarm to Stanley’s alarm center. Stanley became the fifth alarm center to support Crystal Alarm. Connecting new quality alarm centers is a job that has always been a high priority for us.

Member of Säkerhetsbranschen

On the annual Safety Day on the second of September, we were at our first event since the pandemic started. In connection with this, we are now proud members of trade association Säkerhetsbranschen, which shares our values.

Crystal Alarm AB

We are now called Crystal Alarm AB, it became a natural development because the Crystal Alarm service has our entire focus. In connection with the name change, we also change e-mail addresses. Instead of firstname.lastname@crystalcode.se we send email from firstname.lastname@crystalalarm.com. The old email addresses will work for some time to come.


New Alarm Central Software for Android Devices

We will be releasing a new app for our alarm central that will be available on Android and Android tablets. The design will be the same as the current alarm central software available on the web and as a Windows application. The app is simple to use and does not require any new configurations. It will gather information from the existing alarm central which means that you do not need to change anything. The app is also supported by Philips Signage-tablets which have built-in RGB LEDs that will start blinking in the case of an alarm.

Receiving and handling alarms in the new software for Android devices
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