New Alarm Central Software for Android Devices

We will be releasing a new app for our alarm central that will be available on Android and Android tablets. The design will be the same as the current alarm central software available on the web and as a Windows application. The app is simple to use and does not require any new configurations. It will gather information from the existing alarm central which means that you do not need to change anything. The app is also supported by Philips Signage-tablets which have built-in RGB LEDs that will start blinking in the case of an alarm.

Receiving and handling alarms in the new software for Android devices

Beacon Tuner for Android devices

A good way to position alarms indoors is to install iBeacons. iBeacons are continuously sending a signal containing their position. Our alarm app can catch this signal and use it to locate the alarming device. Beacon Tuner is an app we have developed to facilitate the installation of new Beacons. In the app a list is displayed of all the Beacons that are active and the Beacon that is closest will end up on the top of the list. The app enables easy sorting of Beacons by letting the user change the color of any Beacon. A color can for  example mark what floor the Beacon is on or if you need to change something. The app also displays battery levels for every Beacon and if they need to change batteries. Battery levels are automatically uploaded to the self service portal where you also have an overview of the Beacons. Thanks to this solution it is easy to keep track of all Beacons in a building and at the same time control that the right information is set for each Beacon. We are currently working on the last testing phase and expect to release Beacon Tuner during April.


New layout for installing Crystal Alarm on Android devices

Crystal Alarm requires multiple permissions to work correctly. To make it clear to the end user why we ask for these permissions and how they will be used, we have completely redesigned the installation flow of Crystal Alarm. This is also on par with new guidelines from Google Play Store and therefore we are launching this change for Android first and iPhone to follow. 

Permissions include for example SMS, positioning, microphone/calls and sound alerts.

The screens below will give a feeling for the new design.


Free text as a selectable feature

A feature that we are releasing is “Free text”. This feature will be selectable in our self-service portal. We have released the new version of Crystal Alarm for iOS and Android which means that Free text is now available for use. This feature means that users can easily add a descriptive text directly in the app. The text will be sent out in association with an alarm being triggered which makes it easier for the alarm receiver to make the right decisions. A descriptive text can for example be what a user’s status or job description is. It can also be where the person is located or what is to be done when this person triggers an alarm. Free text makes it possible to tailor an individual alarm plan which can be beneficial if you for example are located at special job sites. This feature will be available for all of our customers with access to the self-service portal. 

A smart thing to do is to prepare a text by using the microphone. Most iPhone and Android models automatically translate speaking directly to text.


Telia Crystal Alarm

We are very pleased to announce a collaboration between Crystal Alarm and Telia. As a result of this collaboration, Telia is selling our service under the name Telia Crystal Alarm. Initially, there is no difference between Crystal Alarm and Telia Crystal Alarm, but we are working together with Telia to develop new functions that with Telia’s mobile network will open up completely new possibilities for personal alarms. It is particularly convenient for those who have Telia as their mobile operator who in some cases can order the service as a supplement to the procured mobile phone subscription. Please visit Telia Crystal Alarm for more information.


Phones That Have Support For a Dedicated SOS-button

When you work in environments where accidents may occur or where staff works with lone work, it is extremely important that there are ways to send out alarms if an unexpected situation should happen. Crystal Alarm offers solutions to that problem by a personal alarm in your phone, and also offers the possibility to connect your personal alarm to an external button. It can often be easier to trigger an alarm from a button rather than having to unlock your phone. In today’s market there are even a few smartphones that have support for a dedicated SOS-button directly on the phone and we would like to inform you about these.

Phones that have an adaptable button or SOS-button and works well with Crystal Alarm are:

Samsung Xcover 4s – You can adapt the physical button on the side of the phone after your needs. In this case it can work as a SOS-button. The phone has a IP68-classification. 

Samsung Xcover Pro – A smartphone where the top button and the Xcover button can be tailored to a SOS-button by changing it in settings. The phone has a IP68-classification. 

Spectralink Versity 9640 – This smartphone is created for corporate use and has three different buttons that can be changed to a SOS-button. Although one of the buttons is already an SOS-button that is marked with red color. The phone has an IP68-classification and has many good features that can be combined with daily work. 

Cat S31 – Cat offers newer models than the S31, but we have as of now only tested the S31. We will test Cat’s newer models as soon as possible. The Cat S31 is a robust smartphone with IP68-classification. It offers long battery life and has a yellow button on the side of the phone adaptable to function as a SOS-button.

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