Beacon Tuner for Android devices

A good way to position alarms indoors is to install iBeacons. iBeacons are continuously sending a signal containing their position. Our alarm app can catch this signal and use it to locate the alarming device. Beacon Tuner is an app we have developed to facilitate the installation of new Beacons. In the app a list is displayed of all the Beacons that are active and the Beacon that is closest will end up on the top of the list. The app enables easy sorting of Beacons by letting the user change the color of any Beacon. A color can for  example mark what floor the Beacon is on or if you need to change something. The app also displays battery levels for every Beacon and if they need to change batteries. Battery levels are automatically uploaded to the self service portal where you also have an overview of the Beacons. Thanks to this solution it is easy to keep track of all Beacons in a building and at the same time control that the right information is set for each Beacon. We are currently working on the last testing phase and expect to release Beacon Tuner during April.

Ring oss