We have had our eyes set on the 10 000 user target for quite some time. And as a fantastic closure of this year, we finally hit this goal last week. Our next aim is 15 000 users and hopefully that won´t be to far into the future.

Here is a comment from Crystal Alarm´s CEO Jens Olsson about 10 000 users:
“What an amazing way to end the year!

It is almost 10 years ago that we added our first users to Crystal Alarm. In 2016 we won #Telekompriset at #Telekomgalan in the category “Service of the year”, a few years later, all other projects were finalized and we could put all our focus on Crystal Alarm - Personal alarm in the cell phone.
10 000 users is a milestone, but it is also just the begining.
There are plenty of new features and upgrades to look forward to in 2023.”