We have a new version of our Alarm Central Software!

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We have a new version of our Alarm Central Software!

We have a new version of our Alarm Central Software!

Earlier this month we released a new version of our alarm central software, and all our current users who have not already updated to the new version can contact us for further assistance. The old version of the alarm central will be available until the first of March of 2023, this gives our current admin users a few months to get to know the new system and set up new routines for their alarm handlers to get to know all the new functions. Down below is a short video showing some of the new functions and how they work.

The basics of the layout is the same:
On the first page you can see active and handled alarms, just like before.
You get to the focus view of an alarm by clicking on it in the list of alarms.
Once inside the focus view of an alarm there are some major changes.

Practical news:

  • The Map is moved to the right side of the alarm information.
  • The design of the action plan is updated.
  • The buttons used to handle and close an alarm are more visible.
  • The alarm type and alarm classification have been given a more obvious color coding.
  • All the events in the alarm are visible in the logg. Eg. confirmed authorization code, start and stop of a timer, closing of an alarm.

More advantages with the new version:

  • Add quick-comments (Contact us for help).
  • Show the coordinates in another mapviewer.
  • Call the alarmer over IP-phone with the “call”-button.
  • See indoor positioning from Cisco/Mazemap in the main map view.

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Crystal Alarm

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